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What Type of Watch Appraisal is Right For You?

Not all watch appraisals are created equal.   We offer two types to suit your specific needs.  Fair market value appraisals are usually provided verbally

while insurance appraisals are documented with pictures and formally written.  

Having your watch appraised by our professional watch maker can be vital in substantiating the value of your watch.

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Fair Market Value Appraisal

 If you are planning on selling your watch than this is the appraisal that would be most suited to you.  Simply put, fair market value is the price that  both a willing buyer and willing seller agree upon.   

Fair market value is determined by looking at a number of factors including the condition, desirability, and rarity of the watch.  It is important to remember that the original value of an item is not usually a factor to rely on when determining the fair market value and it is not often reasonable to expect to receive what you paid for the watch brand new.   That is not to say that some watches don't increase their value over time but these watches are generally the exceptions rather than the rule.   

Selling your watch for less than it merits leaves your wallet feeling lighter than it should.  Likewise, having your watch flounder for months without selling due to an unwarranted asking price leaves you with no money in your pocket.  A fair market value appraisal will ensure you price your watch competitively with similar watches currently available on the market so you are able to sell your watch in a timely and appropriately profitable manner.

Keep in mind that market values fluctuate over time so you can't rely on an old appraisal to be valid in todays' marketplace.  

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Insurance Appraisal

  If you are planning on keeping your watch and need to insure it than this is the appraisal most beneficial to you.   Insurance appraisals will determine the replacement cost of your watch for insurance purposes and are always higher than the fair market value of a watch.  This is given to the fact that, in the case your watch is stolen or suffers irreparable damage, you now become an unwitting buyer.  Therefore, under the law, you are entitled to replace your previous watch in a timely manner without having to "bargain hunt" for months, as you might if you were willingly shopping for a new watch.   


 The replacement value of a watch is determined by finding the estimated cost of a new, comparable item to the one lost. That figure is then adjusted based on the condition and desirability of the watch, as well as taking into consideration depreciation.

Insurance appraisals share commonality with free market value appraisals in that they will fluctuate over time.  Therefore, your insurance may require you to have appraisals done after so many years.  

Insurance appraisals can also help bolster the sale of your watch in that it verifies the buyer of the condition and value of the watch before they purchase it.

factors that affect appraisal value

Name Brand

  It goes without saying that high end luxury watches, with name brands like Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, and  Omega garner a higher value than lower end watches.  The value of a luxury watch can increase more so if the original box and paperwork are included, as these items help verify the  authenticity of the watch .


The better condition your watch is in the higher the value it will retain.  Scratches, dings, and other defects will decrease the value accordingly.   And while there is a market for high end watches that no longer work, having a fully functional watch ensures a higher value.


 Aside from the type of complications the watch possesses, the materials used on areas of the watch including the case and dial will be where value is increased.  For instance, a solid gold case will garner more than a gold plated one.  Likewise,  a mother-of-pear dial will add value that a plain black dial may not have.


Complications such as a perpetual calendar, chronograph or date display will have a higher value than a watch that simply tells time.  Rarer complications including a tourbillon or minute repeater can garner even more value, both for the uniqueness and beauty they add to the watch but also the level of craftsmanship these types of complications require to create.

Market Demand

The rule of supply and demand plays a big role when it comes to the value of your watch.  If the free market if flooded with similar watches to the one you own than the value will not be as high as a  watch that is more rare and desirable.