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Don't Have the Time or Know-How to Sell Your Fine Watches or Jewelry Yourself? Let Us Do it for You!

Our consignment service allows you to sell your watch or jewelry for the highest price possible without having to do the work yourself.   Consigning with us offers the advantage of convenience. With our services, you can simply sit back and relax while we do the work.  You do not need to spend your valuable time searching for a qualified appraiser, preparing your watch for consignment, photographing it, or attempting to connect with interested buyers.  People trust Knoxville Watch Works with their consigned items for many reasons including:

  • Expert marketing - We not only display your item in our retail location, we utilize our on-line marketing expertise and our nationwide network of private buyers to maximize potential sales.
  • No hidden fees - No upfront cost to you and no out of pocket expenses.  If we can't sell your item you don't owe us any money.  
  • Low commission rate  - We offer the lowest consignment commission rate in the area.  These are your items and you deserve the money for them.  Our commission percentage is based primarily on the costs associated with maintaining and marketing your items.  
  • Faster payment times - Most consignment terms call for payment remittance to the seller within 30 days.  We offer faster payment to you so you get paid sooner.
  • Knowing who you're doing business with  - When you come to our store to consign an item you will meet the people your are entrusting your item to face to face.  No random websites or waiting for a response from an anonymous "expert". You will know exactly where your item is at all times until it's sold.  No risk of shipping and storing your item to an unverified source .  

Service You Can Trust!

We know that selling your luxury watch or fine jewelry can be stressful.  Entrusting your valuable items to someone else is a practice in trust.  We understand!  That's why we put forth great effort to ensure the security of your items. When you choose to sell your watch with us you benefit from our experience and expertise.  We handle every watch consignment as if we were selling our own items, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valuable timepiece or jewelry is in safe hands.  

Is Consignment the Right Option for You?  

Getting the best price for your watch or jewelry can take some time in order to find the right buyer.  If any of the scenarios listed below describe your situation than consignment may be the right choice for you:

  • I’m not in a rush to sell my watch.  I don't need the money right now and I am willing to wait for the right buyer who is willing to pay my asking price.
  • I haven't been able to come to an agreement on price with previous potential buyers and I’m willing to wait for the right buyer in order to maximize my profit.
  • I have a unique watch or jewelry item and I don’t mind waiting for the right buyer.

Having said that, consignment is not suitable for every situation.   If you are asking for a price too high for your watch or jewelry and we think it is unlikely to sell at that price or if we don't think we have the clientele for your particular item, we’ll politely decline the offer to consign your watch because we don’t want to waste your time, or ours.

how it works

It's easy to consign with Knoxville Watch Works.  Simply bring your watches and/or jewelry into our retail location at your convenience so we can have a look at them.  Our experts will authenticate your items and assess if they need any repairs prior to selling.  From there both parties will come to an agreement about the price most suited to sell your item.  Once the consignment agreement is signed your work is done while ours is just beginning! 

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